5 foods that help reduce acne Helps to make your skin beautiful

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5 foods that help reduce acne Helps to make your skin beautiful, clear and wrinkle-free.

Acne is a problem that bothers everyone. since whence Be it teenagers, young people, or working people, you have to have a headache every time a pimple pops up on your face. Despite trying to keep clean and using a lot of nourishing cream

In addition to cleanliness, hormones, stress and inadequate rest are the causes of acne. Food choices affect our beauty as well, so GL would like to share with you some food selection tricks on what to eat to help you have a beautiful, clear, free face. ufabet https://ufabet999.com/

  1. tomato because of tomatoes Contains bioflavonoids and vitamin C that helps remove dark spots and scars from acne It also helps to keep the skin healthy. Against and repair the skin to be strong as well.
  2. salmon Salmon is rich in omega-3s that help keep skin healthy. reduce irritation It also helps to reduce the inflammation of acne. Reduce wrinkles and redness on the skin.
  3. green tea Many skincare brands often have formulas or ingredients from green tea. Because green tea contains substances that help inhibit inflammation of acne. It is also good for health as it contains antioxidants.
  4. lemon are rich in vitamin C that helps nourish the skin to look radiant and wrinkle-free. It also helps with collagen regeneration under the skin as well.
  5. watermelonIn , there are vitamin A, vitamin B6 and vitamin C that help make the skin beautiful and clear. and can get rid of acne very well In addition, water is an important ingredient, so it can add moisture to the skin.