English Premier League Monday Night March 6, plus the standings

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Summary of last night’s football results English Premier League Monday Night March 6, plus the standings: Brentford beats Fulham.

English Premier League battle  Yesterday night, there was one match. Which was a meeting between teams to win the European football area like Brentford. Who opened their home to welcome Fulham.

Summary of football results Premier League last night 6 March 2023

Brentford 3-2 Fulham
(Pinnork 6, Toney 53, Jansen 85 / Solomon 39, Vinicius 90+9)

The game at the G-Tech Community Stadium, both teams tried to set up their own games. Which took turns taking turns attacking and defensively. But the game started 6 minutes ago, the home team took the lead first from Ethan Picknork. But then Manor Solomon repeated the equalizer for the visiting team in the 39th minute, but then started the second half in just 8 minutes. Penalty and it was Ivan Tony. Who killed. Late in the game, Mathias Jansen charged close to the third goal for Brentford to lead 3-1. The game looked like it would end with this score, but Finally, Vinicius repeated a long-range shot from Andreas Pereira to make it 3-2 in stoppage time but ended up making it three points for the hosts this weekend.

Score table after the end of the day

ratingteamscoregoal difference
2Manchester City58+41
3Man United49+6
7Fulham39+ 4