How often should I Bathing?

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Our skin generally contains a natural layer of lipids and good bacteria that keep it hydrated and healthyBathing too frequently can cause the skin to lose these skin components. Which can cause dry, itchy, or peeling skin, and may impair the skin’s immune system. Bacteria can then enter the skin more easily and leads to skin inflammation. Dermatologists recommend showering at least 1-2 times a day. Depending on the activities you do each day.

On the other hand, choosing to shower only once in a while can also have negative effects. This may cause bad bacteria to grow on the skin faster. When the bacteria on the skin is out of balance. It will cause body odor, causing loss of personality. and are at risk of developing skin diseases. Such as acne, eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis UFABET

Therefore, if living outside the home for a long time Occupations that involve close contact with others or exercise regularly You should shower 2 times a day for good skin hygiene, especially during the outbreak of infectious diseases such as COVID -19. Where maintaining cleanliness of the body is an important factor. Reduce the risk of virus infection Therefore, you should shower and change clothes as soon as you get home. Before doing other activities with family members

Bathing doesn’t have to be a difficult or complicated process. Just take a shower in the correct way according to the steps. Avoid showers with high temperatures or showers too frequently. and choose products that are suitable for your skin It will help to have clean and healthy skin. This is for good hygiene. You should change your towels about once a week and clean your exfoliating sponge every week. Hang it in a dry, ventilated place to prevent mold.