Counting cards, nine-gae card

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Counting cards, nine-gae card

Point counting, nine-gae card game is similar to Baccarat or Pok Deng, with the following methods for counting cards according to their faces:

  • A cards are worth 1 point.
  • The 2-9 cards will have their face value, that is 2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 points.
  • while 10-JQK cards are worth 0 points.

In case the players have the same points, look at the largest card, in this case K of spades, K of hearts, K of diamonds and K of clubs in descending order, and the smallest card is A of clubs.

If a player has cards of the same color or same suit The card with the largest color is the color of spades, followed by the color of hearts. Diamonds and Clubs

All 3 cards in a row, the lowest ranked cards are 2-3-4, and the biggest cards are QK- A.

Sian card is the face of the card is 3 foreigners or 3 English letters, mix and match, see which card is the largest based on K of spades, and J clubs are the smallest, such as JJQ is smaller than JJK, etc.

Three cards are faces of the same 3 cards, with the most valuable three cards being Tong 3-3-3, followed by Tong AAA, chasing down to KQ- 4 and 2.

A straight flush is 3 cards of the same color, such as 3-4-5, all spades are called straight flush cards. If you find the same straight flush card, first look at the color first. But if they are the same color, look at the order of sorting who is more in line, for example, 3-4-5 hearts win 7-8-9 clubs, but if 3-4-5 hearts lose 8-9-10 hearts, etc.

Summary of nine-gae card and playing

As for how to play nine-gae card. I hope that everyone will gain knowledge and use it to play with the characteristics of playing like Poker cards mixed with Pok Deng. By the way of playing nine. It will use in terms of psychology to help put pressure on the opposing players. Including the amount of money spent on the other party If you’re not confident that your cards are big enough, try not to put too much. while if you are confident. That you will be able to beat your competitors, then try to share the fight Along with looking at the opponent’s attitude whether the card is really big or not

Should set up the playing rules well. Such as how much pot money must set for each person. How much money to raise, how much is the minimum. How much is the maximum, so as not to look too stressed, otherwise the game looks fun from the raise, there will be problems in playing more than

In which nowadays, the nine card game.

In addition to being play with friends in a group. Can also download the nine card game to play by yourself or to join online casino UFABET sites. That can provide services to play nine card games for free before going to test in the real field to place bets It is essential that you learn how to play. card reading skills Because this nine-gain card uses pure psychology, unlike poker cards that still have mid-face cards to analyze and predict what cards the other side will hold and how much they will have to raise.

The distinctive feature of nine-gae card. That are different from poker cards is that 3 cards dealt without having to expect a face-up card in the midfield to win like a poker card. It can said that it is a measure of luck and the use of psychology to read cards of competitors. Which is consider a kind of gambling game that is quite difficult to play. But if anyone who already has psychology and good luck can guarantee that they can easily make money as well