Fantan game originally started as a game used by Chinese gamblers

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Fantan game originally started as a game used by Chinese gamblers.

The equipment is simple. It uses nuts, chips, tamarind seeds, beads, or anything small, about 120-300 beads, and uses long rods similar to the kite’s frame to determine the placement of bets. But lately, most casinos don’t have Fantan to play. Fortunately

  1. Bet on numbers or bet on single numbers

Single bets or numbers, we can predict how many beans the last pile will be from 1 to 4. The chances of winning with this type of bet are 25%. Which can consider a high risk rate. The best in Fan Tan game. But don’t be afraid. Because if compared to other gambling games. This game is consider relatively low risk as well. For the payout rate in betting Fantan game on numbers then the highest is 2.85 times, excluding capital, bet 100 baht, get money back 385 baht (capital 100, profit 285)

  1. Bet on double favorites or double bet on 2 numbers

double bet Also known as betting on 2 numbers, it is different from betting on 2 numbers simultaneously, namely, bet 2 numbers at the same time, it will Fantan game bet on 2 numbers if one of them is correct. Another one is consider a waste to Online casinos immediately. But betting with 2 numbers. If the prize is issue matches one of the numbers. That we bet It is consider all wins.

For betting on 2 numbers, it will reduce the risk for us. The winning rate will be half per half or 50: 50. As for the pair of numbers that we can bet on, there are 6 positions, namely 1-2, 1-3, 1-4, 2-3, 2-4, 3-4.

Suppose we bet on pairs 1-4, if the last pile of beans has 4 or 1. It is consider that we win. and will receive a prize money at a payout rate of 0.95 times, bet 100 baht, get money back 195 baht (capital 100, profit 95)

  1. accumulating 3 numbers

If betting on 2 numbers still feels too risky, try to bet on 3 numbers because the chances of us winning are up to 75%. but had to be willing to pay for a low payout rate Because he will pay us only 0.32 times, just bet 100 baht, get money back 132 baht (capital 100, profit 32) to pay less like this, who likes to be sure I think it’s another interesting option. Let go to UFABET.