Strategies and methods of playing nine-gae cards

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Strategies and methods of playing nine-gae cards.

Nine-gae cards card game that looks like poker and pokdeng together is a card game. That players must place bets in the first step before starting to play or called commissions. In the form of playing in the past, it was a bet with candy and other things to play with friends. But now it has develop into a casino game for everyone to try and play in the form of using money to exchange chips or real money at UFABET.

How many people can play Kao Kae cards?

Nine-gae card game, at first everyone has to place bets on the midfield. Which amount depends on the players will determine. For example, the midfield is 100 baht each, if there are 5 people playing, then the total pot is 500 baht, then the cards will shuffle and dealt to everyone, 3 cards each. Which is distributed circulating from left to right When everyone receives all 3 cards, consider. Which cards have the most or the largest points, with the highest points 9 points. Other special points will arranged from the smallest to the largest. like poker which will be divided as follows:

  • The colors of the biggest cards in descending order are Spades, Hearts, Diamonds and Clubs.
  • The cards are arranged in ascending order starting from 2-3-4 until QKA.
  • Sian cards are cards that have the form of 3 English letters, except A, such as JJK or QKK, etc.
  • Tong card is consider to the next biggest card. Will be 3 cards of the same face, with the biggest three being 3-3-3.
  • Straight Flush is a sequence of cards of the same color and suit, such as 7 – 8 – 9.

Once all 3 players have dealt cards. Everyone will start raising to get the prize pool. Whoever thinks that their own cards are the biggest can stack against others. In placing bets, it is up to the player to start raising with how much money by circulating from the person who received the first one to continue to the left until no one dares to raise up.

For those who have a small face card can fold and stop playing in that round. By folding, the player who has placed the pot will not return it. Setting up rules that play to take bets among friends Play should limit to small amounts to prevent conflicts. Because do not forget that the lost pot If someone folds, in addition to not winning the cards, they also have to lose money even though they haven’t made any winnings at all.