Liverpool ban problematic fans Forbidden to enter the field

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Liverpool ban problematic fans Forbidden to enter the field for life. After breaking through the card, heading down to the end of the game.

Liverpool have made it clear that an incident. Where fan their own team ran through guards. On the pitch during their 7-0 win. Over Manchester United was unacceptable and dangerous.

As Liverpool scored their seventh goal in the game, Liverpool fans ran onto the field from the other side hoping to congratulate the players. Hit Curtis Jones and Andy Robertson, both of whom suffered injuries from the stroke. As the fans were immediately dragged away by guards on the field. It was state that the football fan was 16 years old.

“These actions are very dangerous, illegal and have serious consequences. The fan will voluntarily hand over to the police station. And this is without excuse. It’s unacceptable. and dangerous behavior.”

“Safety and stability of players on the field and supporters are important. If we found guilty of entering. The field without permission Offenders will record in the history of offenses. And will banned from entering Anfield and every stadium in the Premier League,” said a Liverpool FC statement. As the fans were immediately drag away by guards on the field.