The Premier League suspends two VAR players from the Spurs-Swans match as expected.

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Premier League announces referee team names for this weekend’s games. The two referees were not found to have committed errors in the game at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

VAR referee Darren England and assistant Dan Cook will not officiate in the Premier League this weekend, it is confirmed. After making a mistake in the game Tottenham Hotspur beat Liverpool 2-1 last Saturday UFABET

England and Cook did not use VAR to intervene when Liverpool winger Luis Diaz’s goal was flagged for offside. As a result, the incident was allow to go uncheck. And there was no picture of the route being displayed on the television screen.

As a result, England’s Professional Football Refereeing Organization (PGMOL) released a statement admitting that a mistake had actually made. Claimed it was human error. This caused great dissatisfaction with Liverpool. Who issue a statement criticizing it. And requesting audio recordings of the referee team’s conversations at that moment as well

However, other referees from the game at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium were not suspended like England and Cook. With the main referee on the pitch, Simon Hooper, serving as referee VAR match between Everton and Bournemouth. And fourth referee Michael Oliver will take charge of two games. He was the VAR referee for Luton vs Spurs and was the main referee on the field for Arsenal vs Manchester City on Sunday.