The Roma striker emerges as a surprise target, grabbed

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The Roma striker emerges as a surprise target, grabbed by Man United to strengthen the edge.

UFABET media plays the news. The new striker target that Manchester United are eyeing to add to their attacking line in the next market is Roma England striker Tammy Abraham.

Abraham bids farewell to Chelsea’s reserve status and embarks on a new adventure in Italy. In which last season he performed quite well, scoring a total of 27 goals in 53 games, but this season, the performance has dropped. With only 7 goals from 34 games so far

That Manchester United are monitoring the performance of the 25-year-old striker and may move further. When the market opens. With the situation for Dutch striker Vauth Wakehorst on loan from Burnley uncertain and Anthony Martial being seen as likely to be let go. From having suffered injuries until he was unable to stand on the field continuously

However, Chelsea still have the option the first team to bring Abraham back into the Premier League. With a buy-back fee of 80 million euros, or about 71 million pounds.

However, from outstanding works Causing reports. That many clubs in Europe interest in bringing Abraham to the team, including Chelsea. With an option to buy back at a price of 80 million euros, with this clause expires in the month. June 2023