Preventing diarrhea.

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Although diarrhea is usually a mild symptom. But it may cause suffering to the patient and be chronic enough to cause other diseases later on. Patients should immediately see a doctor if they experience the following symptoms:     

  • Have had diarrhea for more than 2 days or become dehydrated, or For young children or infants, if symptoms persist for more than 1 day, they should be taken to see a doctor immediately. Because of the risk of death from dehydration UFABET
  • Severe abdominal or rectal pain
  • Fever higher than 39 degrees Celsius
  • Is there blood in the stool? The stool is black. 

Diarrhea can occur frequently in everyday life. Gastrointestinal infections are the main cause of diarrhea. Maintaining cleanliness and choosing hygienic food will prevent infections that lead to diarrhea. By following these basic instructions.

  • Wash your hands thoroughly. Before and after eating or coming into contact with food After going to the bathroom or catch other dirt to prevent the spread of germs
  • In cases where you cannot wash your hands, you should use hand washing gel that contains alcohol. To help kill germs effectively
  • Choose food carefully, such as eating hot food. Clean, fresh food. Avoid fresh fruits and vegetables that are not cleanly washed. raw meat and dairy products, etc.
  • Food should not be left at room temperature for a long time. It should be stored in the refrigerator. To prevent the growth of bacteria
  • The area where food is prepared should be cleaned hygienically. This includes washing your hands thoroughly while preparing food.
  • Choose to drink clean, hygienic water.